Praise for Terence Faherty and the Owen Keane series

DEADSTICK: “In his memorable debut, Faherty displays an assured talent for plot and character.” — Publishers Weekly

LIVE TO REGRET: “Moving study of men wrestling with the lies they tell themselves about women, and the lies women tell them … a heady read.” — Kirkus Reviews

THE LOST KEATS: “This ambitious work sensitively probes its protagonist’s emotional uncertainties … and garners much wry humor from the image of Owen, cigarette in mouth, spluttering through rural Hoosier backwoods in his beat-up sports car. A near-faultless performance from start to finish. — Publishers Weekly

DIE DREAMING: “Owen’s original voice and his intriguing take on detective work—the sleuth as clown as spiritual therapist—make his latest appearance memorably offbeat and well worth seeking out.” —Kirkus Reviews

PROVE THE NAMELESS: “Faherty has created a character who is original, likeable, and interesting.” —Mostly Murder

THE ORDAINED: “The religious convictions of the characters ... go to the heart of this eloquently low-key mystery, which is about the challenge of maintaining a belief that defies reason. If the hero of this provocative series cannot make that leap, he pays his respects to those who can and goes on searching for his own answers. In his quiet, thoughtful way, Owen proves that he does, indeed, have a lot of guts.” —The New York Times Book Review

ORION RISING: “The intermingling of past and present, the insertion of philosophical debates, and the presentation of the truth are handled masterfully.” —Mystery News

Author photo by Paul Chaffee

Author photo by Paul Chaffee

Terence Faherty is the author of two mystery series: the Shamus-winning Scott Elliott private eye series, set in the golden age of Hollywood, and the Edgar-nominated Owen Keane series, which follows the adventures of a failed seminarian turned metaphysical detective. His short fiction has won the Macavity Award, and has been nominated for the Anthony, the Barry, and the Derringer awards. Faherty is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars and an occasional lecturer on the films of Basil Rathbone. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Jan.


Books by Terence Faherty

The Scott Elliott Series

Kill Me Again (1996)
Come Back Dead (1997)
Raise the Devil (2000)
In a Teapot (2005)
Dance in the Dark (2011)

The Owen Keane Series

Deadstick (1991)
Live to Regret (1992)
The Lost Keats (1993)
Die Dreaming (1994)
Prove the Nameless (1996)
The Ordained (1997)
Orion Rising (1999)
Eastward in Eden (2013)


Short fiction

The Confessions of Owen Keane (2005)
The Hollywood Op: Private Eye Scott Elliott in Tinseltown (2011)

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